Making of ” The Matinee “

Hi all..back with a new render and a tutorial.
I chose one of the model from which was modelled by Dan Konieczka. It featured a scene inside the theatre with a kid watching with an open mouth.

Organizing the Planning

Organizing and planning is really important for setting up any render. I started off layering the front stage , Back stage , Middle Stage and character separately so that it becomes light when rendering as i dont have to use all the objects for basic light setup. Switching on all the objects for basic light setup will make the set heavy and kill a lot of time in rendering. Objects were grouped and parented so that it is easy to select similiar objects and apply shaders all over in a single click which saves a lot of time.


I started off with adding shaders for different objects. Mia Material X Passes which is a mental ray shader was used in shading the scene. Mental ray shaders react better to light and textures and they have a better shading when compared to blinn or Lambert. Mental ray shaders give better ray bounces , raytracing when rendered in Mental Ray. Used some maya Surface Shaders though for some of the passes. Textures were added to the shirt, eye and the seat cushion.



The main focus in the set is the character so the lighing on the character. So the character should be lit a bit more than the set to make it stand out and to get a right mood of the scene.
For the light setup i switched on visibility for some objects only and i started off with placing the keylight which came from the projection screen. There was another light which was added near the keylight which didnt cast diffuse and casted specular so that it placed the eye speculars at the right place.
Lighting the eye with good primary specular hit and secondary hits gives life to the character.
Fill lights were added and Kicker lights from each side were placed to get a good shape on the character. Kicker Lights were added to mimic the source which comes from the lights on the wall of the theatre. Separate side kicker lights were placed both for the character using Light Linking. Spec on the chairs from different lights were added to get a good defined shape on them.
Top Light and Light from the Projector was also added.
Mental Ray Depth Map shadows were used . They were made soft since the lights were diffused in the scene and the resolution was bumped up to avoid any artifacts caused by the shadows.
Bottom light which acted as a passage light was added. A surface shader which was of the bottom light colour was added to a cylinder placed near it to get a defined reflection on the chairs.
Artificial lights on the far end of the theatre were added to fill the set and to get a feel of the size of the set.



Mental ray was used in the render without FG and GI.The Lights were separated into separate passes and rendered out separately to get a better control over the render during compositing.
Mattes and Zdepth was rendered out for compositing.



Photoshop was used in compositing different layers. The Blending mode Screen makes it easy to stack and composite one layer above the other.
Lens blur and Lens Flares were added.

Hope you had fun reading this. Do drop in a mail or comment if u have any queries..


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