Making of Frog

Hi all. Here is my first tutorial of the Making of Frog. Realism in organic characters has always fascinated me and i’ve used the combination of Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop in the making.

I had started off with the modelling the low poly cage. So used polygon method modelling for doing this

Then exported the model to Zbrush for furthur detailing. First I unwrapped it using UV Master inside Zbrush.

I started off painting a 4K map using lightbox and ZApplink2 nad furthur sculpted the bumps over the skin. Used different brushes like standard and clay brushes.

Once the frog was in a good shape, several maps were extracted out of Zbrush. Cavity and Occlusion Maps were later composited to get a good detail over the contact regions.

After exporting the model back to Maya i created an Environment around the Frog. The area around the frog was populated with paint effects grass and rocks were added.

Once everything was setup, shaders were added to all the objects in the set. Vray shaders were used on all the objects.

Once the shaders were setup i started off placing lights. I added Vray DomeLight first and mapped a HDRI to the Light Texture for indirect contribution and then placed different lights from different directions some lights were used for diffuse contribution and others were used for specular contribution.

Vray was used as a Renderer with the following settings

Various render elements and passes were used in the rendering

Once the passes were rendered they were composited using photoshop and zdepth was added. Normal Pass was used for final relight retouching in After Effects. Vignette and Glow effects were added. The final composite was colour corrected in Lightroom.

I hope i have described everything in the making of the render. Do drop in comments or doubts if any 🙂 . Comments and critics accepted.



  1. informative 🙂 wud def provoke ppl to learn up animation alleas as smthn they like duin ^^

  2. Nithin

    awesomeness to the core!!!!!

  3. Vj

    You are amazing da…!!!

  4. Sanjay

    very nice work man !! thanks for sharing the workflow !! cheers!!

  5. hey nice..workn..n thnx fr shrin….

  6. Great tutorial Prashanth, as ever, your work stands out!

  7. great work and very informative come up with more of this…

  8. pixsr bharathi

    yeah very nice tutors you have made good work from your side keep on posting your things

  9. karuppasamy

    very nice tuts

  10. aliya

    amazing work…keep it up….nicely explained 🙂

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