First Fur Groom

I wanted to start 2012 with some new kind of post. So started off with a fur groom for the King Kong model that i did earlier. I used Shave and Haircut plugin for Maya. Was able to get a good looking and a decent groom in less than 2 days. Its still a WIP. Groomed using the traditional curves and grooming method. Rendered in Maya Software using 3 point lighting setup. So the displacement on the character is pretty messed up as it cannot render in a software render. Mental ray shading for the Fur is again a different process and is independent from the basic Shader. Took less than 2 min to render on a quad core machine.


One comment

  1. it looks so cool. and it would be more if you use mental ray with hair primitive in shave global etc.
    i am stuck with my furry character for i think two months and it still looks cartoonist.

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