Hurray dream come true

Hurry, finally my dream comes true after 4 years. A lot of patience, a lot of work and a lot of learning helped me pave way to the best visual effect studios. Their oscar for golden compass and babe drew me more towards them. One fine day i get an opportunity to work with them as a lighting artist in december 2010. Joined as an apprentice for 2 months and was trained for around 6 months to work on a project. ALVIN AND THE CHIMPMUNKS – THE CHIPWRECKED was my first project. Enjoyed a lot working on it. Working there helped me be more of an artist than just a lighter. Man the place is awesome with really nice people and talented artists, lots to learn and inspire from them. Everyday a new thing is learnt. I don’t feel that im actually working because i simply love what i do there and i feel great about it, its just that i wanted to do and i do it always. Everyday is more of learning than working. Its a great place to meet some amazing artists, photographers, moviemakers and so on.

Art never comes in a day, and takes a lifetime to learn it. I learnt it when i reached there. There is a long way to go and miles to go before i sleep.


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